Non Exclusive Prints

Commercial (Non-exclusive)

Commercial License allows you to create end products for sale up to 500 units. The supplied downloadable file is a hi-resolution Photoshop PSD file. This allows you to use the design for physical products for sale including clothing, t-shirts, homeware, stationery, accessories, posters, postcards and commercial merchandise up to 500 units / items / metres. Formerly Extended Up to 500 Units License.

$60 ︎ Please feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in purchasing, and if you have a question about pricing and extended licensing terms on commercial unlimitted (non-exclusive) use, or exlusive liscence or commision.

Duplication, sub-licensing or resale is not permited 
Color Blocks (Yellow Background)

Ramen — Pattern Design for De Islas

Three different ramen in one big bowl; classic shoyu, miso, and tonkotsu ramen. Color pencil on paper.

Sugar Dive — Pattern Design for De Islas

Guoache on paper

Junk Yard — Pattern Design for De Islas

Guoache on paper

Cured Meat — Pattern Design for De Islas

Different slices of cured meat, painted with gouache on paper.

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