Directed by PandaPanther
Set fabrication



PandaPanther is proud to present the trailer for our latest short film titled Lostopolis, a segment taken from a full length feature which is currently in development. Harnessing our signature style of combining cg and miniatures with precision crafted designs and technical expertise we produced the entire segment in house putting to use our extensive cg pipeline and motion control rig. The story of Lostopolis bridges our world with a vast world of all things lost. When the most awesome magic trick ever goes horribly wrong, a shy young boy and his super intelligent, super-wacky robot pal are sucked into the world of Lostopolis - a place where everything in the universe goes when it disappears. Now RYAN and ROBOTO must find their way back home while saving Lostopolis from a voraciously hungry, evil ghost-blob called "The Great Underbelly." The problem is – now that Ryan has opened the door and Underbelly knows about the Earth, there may not be much of a home to come back to.